About Rochelle

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First of all, I am absolutely new to the blogging world so hoping that you go easy on me. Also hoping to inspire, encourage, and connect with anyone who can relate to any of my experiences while being on this crazy-wonderful planet for 26 years.

That’s me at the top of this page. As you can tell by the date stamp on the side (no, I’m not really bad at cropping pictures), that was taken at a time in my life which seemed more normal.

I thought I was happy back then…real hair (besides a few extensions thrown in, shh!), real eyelashes, and the guy taking my picture was about 2 boyfriends’ back. If you’re somewhat interested so far, please follow by posts as I take you on a journey through a few years, a few surgeries and a lot of lessons. I’m much happier now, which makes no sense to most people whom I encounter…that is one of the reasons this blog exists. Another is to raise awareness about Ovarian Cancer because there is so not enough information about it being taught to young girls.


Peace and love,





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